What do you wish for in your community?

Do you want to have access to green space or access to the countryside where you live? Do you want footpaths and cycleways to lead you away from traffic? Do you want an interesting , creative and enjoyable environment in which to bring up your children? Planning our surroundings to include for green infrastructure, Play and Sport, natural habitats and pedestrian safety is common sense to most of us. It is the role of a Landscape Architect to plan and implement these basic needs in our society, and as a fully accredited member of the Institute of Landscape Architects of Ireland, I am delighted to be in a position to assist my community in this regard, with projects of all scales and sizes. From Street Design to school yards, it all impacts on our quality of life.

Delivering Quality and Value!

With a passion for the Landscape, Dave believes that looking after the outdoors is key to the future success of our country, as an attractive tourist destination, and also for increased standards of living and healthier lifestyles for urban dwellers.
Dave is based in the Mid-West, but works Nationwide. Dave started his own Landscape Architecture office back in 2010 and strives to deliver a personal quality service for his clients. Clients range from many private clients who want their garden planned by a professional, to community groups and commercial organisations who want quality outdoor spaces for the general public.
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