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National Landscape Forum 2018 – Irelands Waterscapes

Ireland’s 2018 National Landscape Forum is organised by Landscape Alliance Ireland. The Forum will comprise an Evening launch and boat trip from Killaloe on Thursday 24th May (19.00 to 21.00) and a full Day Event (09.00 to 17.00) on Friday 25th May. Register for bothdays or just Frida
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Multimillion pound boost to save UK’s Meadows

Plantlife is leading a nationally-coordinated programme of action to save the UK’s remaining wildflower-rich meadows and grasslands through the Saving Our Magnificent Meadows project. This project is a £3million heritage Lottery Fund supported project which hopes to transform the fort
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Design in the community!

Kevin McClouds, Grand Designs ( is essential viewing for most architects and is great inspiration for people taking on a build project. Dermot Bannons Room to Improve (RTE) is equally interesting for small builds and extensions and has that same addictive charm about
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Plan Magazine interview September/October issue

Plan Magazine decided to include a story about an Irish Landscape Architect in their most recent publication. I am thrilled they wanted to publish this interview with me! We chat about why I chose Landscape Architecture, about working abroad, what its like to work for yourself and adv
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The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland

The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland is just something I’ve recently stumbled across, and it seems to be a very good source of information on all things related to Dry Stone Walling. It has a very comprehensive list of books to do with walling, so I just thought I’d p
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