Planting Scheme

J+SC Garden

A large garden designed, tendered and supervised from start through to completion. The garden is in a countryside setting and borrowed vistas are very much part of the charm of the property. Discrete lighting was an important part of the scheme and a generous patio with quality paving
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Dell Planting Scheme goes on site

Perrenial Planting Scheme at Dell, Raheen Industrial Estate, Limerick Dell, Raheen, Limerick This planting scheme is a mixture of perennial and ornamental grasses, and will be mulched over with a fine dark bark mulch. I took these photos after setting the plants out on site.The plants
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Roof Garden Design

Kvarteret Geten Housing Association – 500m2 Stockholm, Sweden The need to replace the waterproofing on this garage roof meant a refurbishment of the roof garden was also possible. This very simple, yet elegant design with circular theme conceals the parking garage below, allowin
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Public Planting Schemes

Roundabouts Danderyd, Stockholm Successful bulb planting schemes and summer flowering annual schemes were prepared for two roundabouts in Danderyd, a suburb of Stockholm.
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Design With Plants

Planting scheme for pedestrian boulevard Karlavagen, Stockholm An exciting perennial planting scheme with spring bulbs was produced for this central Stockholm scheme. A different colour theme was designed for each road crossing. Karlavagen was renovated in the years 2002 to 2004 with
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