Dell Planting Scheme goes on site

Perrenial Planting Scheme at Dell, Raheen Industrial Estate, Limerick
Dell, Raheen, Limerick

This planting scheme is a mixture of perennial and ornamental grasses, and will be mulched over with a fine dark bark mulch. I took these photos after setting the plants out on site.The plants are chosen for all year round interest and colour that will compliment the rich tones of the brick and window frames on the buildings.

One thing to be concious of when planting perennials is that they have different plant spacings, some of the larger grasses are planted at 750mm apart, whereas the Sedums were planted at 45omm spacings. Some plants should be planted as close as 150mm spacings, it all depends on the coverage the plant gives you and is such an important aspect of planting a perrenial scheme, but its one that is so often overlooked.

This project was c0-ordinated and installed by O’Brien Landscaping.