Glamping Site in Co. Waterford

Glamping Site, Co. Waterford

We have brought this project from concept, through the planning process and it is soon to go on site. We are delighted to announce that planning permission for the Glamping site in Co. Waterford has now been granted!

The Glamping site proposes to refurbish existing outbuildings with services, Kitchen, Shower and Toilet facilities, and includes 5 no individual Glamp units, Parking, wastewater treatment system and associated site works.

The design of the Site plan has developed with the pedestrian viewpoint in mind and with as little disruption to the existing scenic landscape as possible. This Glamping site  is a startup venture connected to an existing small farm holding, which proposes to provide Glamping accommodation in an upland woodland setting. The Glamping units will be made from natural materials aimed to fit into the existing architecture of small outhouse buildings and cottages. A camp site area is proposed with fire pit and generous amenity green space is provided within the site. The site is within a sheltered area of sloped ground, with views towards the South-West overlooking the picturesque Waterford countryside. The Glenpatrick Bridge Walk can be accessed from the proposed Glamping site through existing woodland trails without having to venture onto a road.