Sensory Courtyard Garden

The Holy Family School Courtyard Garden
St. Josephs Foundation, Charleville

Presenting the initial ideas for this Courtyard in front of the School commitee was very exciting, there was a real buzz about this project right from the start. It was going to be dedicated in the name of Sheila the principal who was in the process of retiring, so it was being done in secrecy. The important elements of the Yard design were to be interactive, with sound, colour, activity, water, plants and seating.  Sensory plants with texture, form, colour and smell were used and large scale instruments were set out in the space. A Maze was a central feature of the design.

It has proven to be a very successful space in the school. I am hoping of course that some funding be found to carry out some further surface treatments, but it really has turned out to be a wonderful Sensory Garden.

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